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Judy K. Dethmers
Champaign, Illinois

pages 72-73


Like a scientist studying fossils, I explore the history of a human being by the intense observation of their skin. I believe that the ebb and flow of our emotions, over time, forms our textures, scars, wrinkles, and spots. By pairing the face or figure with imaginary fabric, I weave together the handmade coverings I create to demonstrate growth, revision, ravel, and repair.

My favorite technique resonates with my subject, as it is achieved through the slow build up of multiple layers. Imatating the cyclic nature of growth and decay, I employ both additive and subtractive manipulations using colored pencils, solvents, brushes, and cloths. Deep within the layers, light refraction is encouraged by the unique translucency of the Mylar surface.



born: 1953, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Eastern Illinois University, M.A., 2007
Northwestern University, Ph.D., 1979
Hope College, B.A., 1975

selected awards/honors

Newton E. Tarble Memorial Best in Show Purchase Award, Illinois Drawing and Watercolor 17th Biennial Exhibition,Tarble Arts Center, 2008

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Cinema Gallery: "Intricacies", Urbana, IL, 2009

selected group shows

Illinois Drawing and Watercolor 17th Biennial Exhibition, Tarble Arts Center, Charleston, IL, 2008

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