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Barb Bondy
Opelika, Alabama

Auburn University, Associate Professor

pages 61-62


In my studio practice the graphical dialogue of drawing provides a means to gain understanding of complex problems; and, it is a means of conjecture with which I may propose suppositions to a viewer. My drawings are visualizations or, thought experiments, that arrive out of ruminations on art, philosophy and science. The overriding interests studio practice point to questions about the functions of the human mind and brain, the relationship between the two, and how, through various modes of perception and states of consciousness, the mind and brain form an individual's experience of the world.

I often use scientific theory as analogies to explore how the mind and brain work together. For example, I have proposed through drawing how the second law of thermodynamics, in particular, dissipation and entropy, works as a meaningful analogy for proposing how thoughts may form, connect and develop or dissipate and decay over the lifetime of a human being.

Within the process of seeking greater understanding of the mechanizations of the mind and brain, drawing serves as a portal; it is an aesthetic system through which I can enter for the purpose of both mining information from within my own interior space and to communicate my thoughts to others in the exterior world.

Time Line
A pencil lead scrapes across the surface of paper. Graphite material erodes from the pencil and deposits on the paper producing an artifact of thought: an accumulation of marks, a drawing, a calculation or something written.

"Time Line" is intended to evoke in viewers consideration of the process of drawing.  If one accepts that there is work potential dormant within the physical structure of a static graphite pencil lead then one might further consider how many hours of drawing or writing or calculating these graphite refills could produce when acted upon by the force of thought.

This 3-dimensional drawing aims to postulate thought as the medium or force that converts the potential energy of pencil lead into kinetic energy and into a drawing as an artifact of thought.



born: Lamont, Canada


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, MFA, 2003
University of Windsor, BFA, 2000

selected awards/honors

Inaugural Summer Artist Residency, Columbus State University, 2008
Fellowship Grant, Alabama State Council on The Arts, 2008
D.L. Stevenson & Son Award, The Paper Mill Gallery, Toronto, Ontario Canada, 2007
Juror's Award, Thames Art Gallery  Juried Exhibition, Canada, 2007

selected publications

SPECS: Faux History, Rollins College, FL: Magnolia Press p. 45, 2009

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Eleanor Prest Reese and Robert B. Berkshire Galleries: Intractable, Herron School of Art & Design, IUPUI, 2009
AUM, Department of Art: Intractable, 2009
Ilges Gallery: Night Tracks, Day Tracks, Columbus State University, GA 2008
University of California at Sacramento: Circumlocutio, 2006

selected group shows

Sweet Lorraine Gallery: Point., Brooklyn, NY, 2010
archivos abiertos - Exposición en el Archivo Municipal: Project Din A4: The International Drawing Project, Málaga, Spain, 2009
Contemporary Art Center: Contemporary Drawings and Works on Paper, Sacramento, CA, 2008
Union Gallery: Drawing 01, University of Maryland at College Park, MD, 2008

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