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Barbara Blacharczyk
Chicago, Illinois



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Shells are a record of time and memory.  A shell forms over the lifetime of the creature it protects, but the shell remains long after its inhabitant is gone.

In this large ink and graphite drawing, vigorous mark making captures the energy of creation.  The rendering of transparency and movement accelerates the slow process of shell formation into a condensed period of time.

Drawing has always been my primary means of artistic expression because it allows me to explore and develop my ideas more directly than other media.  I find that using simple, traditional materials such as charcoal, graphite and ink facilitate an immediate, uninterrupted connection with the concepts that interest me.



born:1961, Chicago, Illinois


School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA, 1983

selected publications

Seeding the Snow - A Journal of Women's Writing and Artwork, Fall-Winter 2002

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Dorothy Thiel Gallery, South Suburban College, South Holland, Illinois, 2009

selected group shows

ARC Gallery, The Energy of Flowing Forms, Chicago, Illinois, 2010
South Shore Arts Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Mindscapes/Dreamscapes/Landscapes, Munster, Indiana, 2008

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