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international painting annual 1 exhibition-in-print
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Ted Zourntos
Toronto, ON




page 176


Within the act of painting I consider myself a visual thrill junkie. I am constantly chasing the moment of what is commonly referred to as the "transitional state." This state has been described as "corresponding to the highest energy along the reaction coordinate. Where colliding reactant molecules will go on to form products."

It is precisely these moments of peak energy that for me define the most honest and relevant aspects of the creative process. Where various concepts, materials, experiences converge and confront one another so as to challenge their legitimacies as they reorganize themselves into new definitions.

Within my works, documented in globby surfaces and oozing blobs are frozen moments of these transitional instances, collisions of antithetical elements, ideas and emotions. What I am seeking are the instances of anticipation and uncertainty, the exhilarating moment before anything is revealed. The final forms of these states are of no interest to me as they serve only to provide starting points for a new joy ride.


born: Toronto


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, MFA
Ontario College of Art and Design, BFA

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