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Marta Stockwell
Brooklyn, NY

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I find the puzzle of creating moments with paint, that awe and educate, on the flat/limited surface of a panel intriguing to both my mind and my hands. My love for painting comes from an innate fascination of color, texture and paint media. In my paintings I strive to find a place where I can exercise both the joy of pushing paint around and my belief that there is a reason to paint. The reason for me lies in the material qualities of paint and the formal languages of colors and textures playfully united within the structure of an architectural space. In this space I allow paint to shift from describing the image to showing the medium and the process. I construct my paintings from photos on my cell phone of rooms and spaces that I walked into and began to visually deconstruct into brush marks. I use the formal structure of the photograph as an entry point into the painting letting it serve only as a guideline from which anything is possible.


born: 1987, Barcelona, Spain


Alfred University, School of Art and Design, BFA, 2010

selected awards/honors

Alfred University Senior Painting Award 2010

selected group shows

Gem Hotel: Profile 2010: The School of Art & Design at Alfred, New York, NY, 2010

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