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Sarupa Sidaarth
Sausalito, CA

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Born in India, I was constantly surrounded by brilliant color and rich textures. Exposure to paintings in museums and galleries during a trip to Europe inspired me to pursue formal training in art. My work embodies the interplay of opposites and explores the sensitive space between them. Fascinated by polarities I negotiate a truce in a battle of the lost and found. Reflective of the order-chaos dichotomy in life, the paintings depict the fragile nature of human existence and the pursuit of balance.
My subjects are chosen to represent an idea. We are shaped by the tension between conflicting forces that we encounter every day. Investigating the dual nature of contradictory ideas, I adopt techniques used for both abstract and figurative styles which are generally perceived as two completely different disciplines of art. By pushing the boundaries of traditional rendering, I enjoy bringing the human face closer to abstraction. Emphasis on the elements of art and the formal choices that I make connect the two. Creating a balance in the composition draws parallels with the human quest for harmony and equilibrium.

It is therapeutic and rewarding to prepare my own painting surfaces. Large canvases have a tendency to set me free. Adorned with texture, the density of the surface enriches my own perception and new implications constantly emerge. Interspersed with hints, the paintings invite the viewer to make a personal deduction. My work has been exhibited in various galleries in India and the United States.  Currently based in the United States, I paint from my home in Sausalito, California. 



born: 1976, Mumbai, India


Academy of Art University, MFA 2010
Sir J. J. School of Art, 2006
Ramnarain Ruia College, BA- French Literature, 1997

selected awards/honors

1st Place Abstract Painting; Academy of Art University Annual Spring Exhibition, 2010
2nd Place Figurative Painting; Academy of Art University Annual Exhibition, 2010
Student Choice Award, 2010
Bombay Art Society Award, 2007

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Museum Art Gallery: Truce, Mumbai, India, 2010
Littler Mendelson: The order of chaos, San Francisco, CA, 2009
601 Montgomery: Solo show, San Francisco, CA, 2008
JJ Diary Show, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, India, 2007

selected group shows

NSFW, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA, 2010
Academy of Art University Annual Spring Exhibition, San Francisco, CA, 2010
Winner's Exhibition, 79 Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2010
Paint, curated by Jason Franz, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, 2010

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