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Brent Payne
Oxford, OH

Miami University, Adjunct Instructor

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My aesthetics are firmly rooted in the visible world. Not the world at large, but the immediate places, spaces, and things in my own personal surroundings. On the surface my work appears to be a celebration of mundane objects, the overlooked and underappreciated, but the real content is the act of seeing and observing, and of course the process of painting. The inspirations and goals from the opening in the process of each painting are always different for the painting's endgame.

In the beginning my inspiration comes from the outside world.  The opening. I want to recreate a vision sensation. Many times it is an object or a space, or a combination of both, that I have seen many times before without reaction, but for whatever reason, it suddenly strikes a chord with me.  A combination of form, color, shadow, and light. I am filled with excitement and I rush to recreate that sensation in the form of a painting or drawing. Somewhere between the midway point of the process to the end of the painting, the focus shifts and I am not as concerned about capturing the scene on canvas exactly as it is before me, as I am with what is actually happening on the canvas itself. I become concerned with the relationship of forms and colors. Why not make abstract paintings? I'm too in love with the visible world. I come full circle. My goal as an artist is not to create something preordained, but to find visual stimulation from my immediate environment and reproduce a similar sensation in a paint.

My current work focuses on two areas, interior scenes and small scale still lifes. The interior scenes are inspired from my immediate environment: my studio and my home. They are the initial glimpse that sparks the process. I am recreating a transitory situation that has left an impression with me. I want to contemplate and explore the unique characteristics of space and form in my environment. The process for the still lifes are similar to the interiors, but there are additional concerns. The source of inspiration expands beyond my immediate environment. Often it comes when I'm shopping or walking out in nature. Many objects are discovered in the fruit and vegetable section of the local grocery store.  Again I will be struck by a particular tone of color, the intense red of a cherry, or the beautiful round form of a tomatillo. It is with the single still life that I am attempting to recreate the spiritual, meditative quality of Rothko.  And in all of my work I want to create a silent sort of mood, a sense of quietude that can range from tranquility to a brooding solitude.   



born: 1960, United States


Miami University, MFA, 2008
Columbus College of Art and Design, BFA, 2006

selected publications

Here and Beyond: Ohio Art League's 100th Anniversary Exhibition, Columbus, OH: Ohio Art Council

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Corners of the World: The Artwork of Charley Buckley and Brent Payne, Ohio Art League, Columbus, OH, 2008
Thesis Exhibition, Miami University, Oxford, OH, 2008

selected group shows

Here and Beyond: Ohio Art League's 100th Anniversary, Riffe Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2009
Figurama, Touring Exhibition, Pilsen, Czech Republic, 2008

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