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Felicity Papp
Paderborn, NRW, Germany

pages 126-127


My paintings are a means to exorcize an inexhaustible trough of memories, some of which are not always familiar to me in origin. They might be imprints of other people's memories or traces of their existence - tales told, pictures lost and found or echoes of collective experiences - nonetheless they all bear the same urge to be visually expressed.

Paint is limitless in its ability to fill in the blanks or obliterate the obvious, making it the perfect tool for the often unclear and fickle task of memory inscription. As modern society adds more layers of information to our lives it also obscures reality. Our ideas of what is real begin to diverge as experience becomes an increasingly selective process.

Instead of adding more layers, my art strives to peel away until I begin to expose what isn't visible. The reality I depict in my paintings is one that can only be glanced by looking inwards on oneself.



born: 1977, Bridgeport, CT

selected publications

"International Drawing Annual 5", Manifest Press, 2010
"VII. International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen", Czech Rep., 2010
"7th Lessedra World Art Print", Sofia, Bulgaria, Lessedra Press, p. 45, 2008

selected solo or two-person exhibits

"Retrospektive '05", Technology Center Paderborn, Germany, 2006
"Ornithology" - Martinusquelle Bad Lippspringe, Germany, 2005

selected group shows

"VII. International Biennial of Drawing", Plzeň, Czech Rep., 2010
"Oase als Phänomen", Karlsruhe, Germany, 2010
"The Kinsey Institute's Juried Art Show", SoFA Gallery, Bloomington, IN, 2009
"Welde Art Prize 2008", Sparkasse Heidelberg, Germany, 2008

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