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Elsa Munoz
Oak Lawn, Illinois

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I'm a realist painter. The diverse subject matter addressed in my work is connected by a common regard for simplicity, intimacy and atmospheric tone. My foundation in academic realism significantly influences the recurrent themes in my paintings. The human figure, still life arrangements and various natural elements are all employed as symbolic devices that are used to explore broader narratives.

I generally have two approaches when making my work.  Some pieces, such as "Drifting Sun," simply begin as images I see in real life and wish to translate into paint.  I'm compelled by the prospect of prolonging the initial impression I got of the subject through the act of painting it as realistically as I can.  I paint from photographs, as it is usually very important that I capture the light or a certain pose exactly as I first saw it.  And yet other paintings begin as faint images and phrases repeatedly surfacing in my mind.  With these works, I'm moved by the desire to materialize all that floating matter so I can simply look at it more clearly.  I believe this initial uncertainty accounts for the tension and subtle eeriness that is present in some of my pieces.  Painting is my way of both materializing and meditating upon those fleeting thoughts and moments.   



born: 1983, Chicago, Illinois


American Academy of Art, BFA, 2006

selected awards/honors

Best of Show, American Academy of Art, 2006
Best of Show, American Academy of Art, 2005

selected publications

O&S Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 4, 2009

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Lee E. Dulgar Gallery: "Sublime Nature," South Holland, IL, 2010
Dubhe Carreno Gallery: "Introspection," Chicago, IL, 2010

selected group shows

Zhou B. Art Center Gallery: "Centerline 10," Chicago, IL, 2010
Around the Coyote Spring/Fall Arts Festival, Chicago, IL, 2009
Chicago Art Department: "Growing up CAD," Chicago, IL, 2009

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