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Martha MacLeish
Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana


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I work with both two and three-dimensional space, and am concerned with how to turn experience into gesture. I try to be attentive to all aspects of my experience: thoughts, feelings, memories, sensations, the visible and invisible alike. Of greatest interest are those aspects that raise questions and create tension. The spatial quirks and ambiguities that I find so compelling in painting become metaphors for this tension, and are isolated and reconsidered as sculptural forms that inhabit our space. In turn, my use of three-dimensional space enriches my sense of what is be possible in painting and drawing.


born: 1962, Malden, Massachusetts


Yale University School of Art, MFA in Painting, 1988
University of Massachusetts, BFA in Painting, BA in Art History, 1985

selected awards/honors

College Arts & Humanities Institute Travel Grant, Indiana University, 2009
New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Fellowship, Indiana University, 2007
Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Program Grant, 2005

selected publications

Shaped/Pause, exhibition catalogue; Manifest Creative Research Gallery. Cincinnati, OH, 2009
Immanent Exteriors. A brief reflection on Martha MacLeish's art: essay by John Baldacchino, 2008
Plane Text, exhibition catalogue: 1708 Gallery. Richmond, VA, 2007

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Moon Gallery, Berry College: Light-Grasp,Berry, Georgia, 2011 (forth coming)
Longview Cultural Arts Center, MCC: Recent Work, Kansas City, Missouri, 2010
Prince Street Gallery: Taking by the Middle, New York, New York, 2009
Broad Street Gallery, University of Georgia: Recent Work, Athens, Georgia, 2007

selected group shows

Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University: Gesture (inclusive),  Columbus, Ohio, 2010
Beaux-Arts des Amériques: Au Premier Regard / At First Glance, Montréal, Quebec, 2009
Manifest Creative Research Gallery: Shaped, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2009
1708 Gallery: Plane Text, Richmond, Virginia, 2007

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