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Anna Kipervaser
Chicago, Illinois

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The bodies of work I am currently developing were inspired by my travels in the Middle East in early 2007, specifically during my time in the Sinai Peninsula.

Most of these paintings begin by my using a jigsaw to cut the wood panel to the shape of the head of my subject, thus creating a sort of icon. With these paintings, I am creating visually compelling images that hope to challenge preconceived notions about the Middle East and its people in unconventional ways: I paint one Bedouin's face and kaffiyeh– a cotton headdress–superimposed on another, so as to juxtapose their respective kaffiyehs‚ colors and to touch on themes of terror; creating a space for dialogue about whether a piece of patterned cloth determines the nature of the human being wearing it.

Although objectivity and anonymity played a large part in the first series of paintings, I have since returned to Sinai and revisited many of the people whom I painted three years ago. "oscineascent (2)" depicts Ibrahim as he is in 2010; I also painted him three years ago.

Time, change and the depiction of personalities was not part of the original concept. However, I have begun to document the lives and physical changes of the Bedouins I was originally using as symbols, thus fostering human connections. This added element to my work has naturally further deepened my connection to the mountains and the people of the Sinai Peninsula. Friendships continue to be created out of these paintings.



born: 1982, L'vov, Ukraine


Art Academy of Cincinnati, BFA 2003

selected awards/honors

Film Development Grant, Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund, 2010
Film Development Grant, National Geographic All Roads Film Project, 2009
Seed Grant, Hartley Film Foundation, 2009
Painting Grant Award, George Sugarman Foundation, 2007

selected publications

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Washington, DC: American Educational Trust, p. 57, September/October 2010
Visual Overture. Atlanta, GA: Cover, p. 14-15 Fall 2009
Studio Visit: Volume Four; A Juried Selection of International Visual Artists. Boston, MA: Open Studios Press p. 114-115
interNational Drawing Annual; Cincinnati, OH: Manifest Press p. 74-76, 2008

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Anna Kipervaser. Jerusalem Fund Gallery: light thread . dark thread, Washington, DC, 2010
Anna Kipervaser and David Lomme. Boxcar Gallery: AnnOmmE, Denver, CO, 2008
Anna Kipervaser and Jake Watling. Foursided Gallery: Where the Buffalo Roam, Chicago, IL, 2008
Anna Kipervaser. Aquarius Star Gallery: Recent Findings, Cincinnati, OH, 2007

selected group shows

Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center: HEAD FIRST, Cincinnati, OH, 2010
Manual Productions: On Look Films Benefit Exhibition and Silent, Chicago, IL, 2009
Target Gallery: In the Flesh II, Washington, DC, 2009
Red Cake Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2008

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