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Kim Flora
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Informed by landscape, atmosphere and memory, my wax infused, mixed media paintings are created by a delicate balance of intuition and reaction. Fragments of personal narratives evoke the tension and harmony between man and nature. Bridges, nets, cities and coastlines are constructed from oil, paper, pigment and numerous layers of encaustic wax. Wax or encaustic painting has been my media of choice over the last four years. I am drawn to the malleability and translucency of molten wax as a painting medium. In addition to creating my own encaustic colors, my procedure involves collaging, transferring and manipulating imagery from found, digital and photomechanical sources. The result are paintings that resonate with the viewer by creating a deep and layered relationship between the exterior world and one's own, private experience.



born: 1982, Baltimore, Maryland


Art Academy of Cincinnati, BFA, 2005

selected awards/honors

Summerfair Aid to Individual Artist Grant, 2009
City of Cincinnati Individual Artist Grant, 2008
Munich Study Abroad Award, Art Academy of Cincinnati, 2005

selected publications

Kim Flora Personal Vistas; PAC Gallery, Exhibition Catalogue, Introduction by Ruth K. Meyer, 2010
Manifest volume 22; Souvenir Recent Paintings by Kim Flora/ New Hybrids: Environmental Anomalies by Jon Swindler, 2007

selected solo or two-person exhibits

PAC Gallery, Personal Vistas, Cincinnati, OH, 2010
Manifest Creative Research Gallery & Drawing Center: Souvenir,Cincinnati, OH, 2007

selected group shows

Cincinnati Art Museum, Honoring Jim Dine, Cincinnati, OH, 2010
Art Academy of Cincinnati Pearlman Gallery, 20 Years/ 20 Artists, Cincinnati, OH, 2010
Abecedarian Gallery, Imagination Navigation, Denver, CO, 2009
30 Small Works, Gallery Up, Rock Hill, SC, 2009

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