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international painting annual 1 exhibition-in-print

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Martin Arnold
Oxford, Mississippi

University of Mississippi, 2nd year MFA


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Unlike portraiture where the physical likeness is all important, I am intent upon achieving a psychological likeness of my subjects. My figural paintings appeal to each viewer's inborn curiosity about other humans and it is my intent that each work initiate a non-verbal, subliminal dialogue with my subject, compelling viewers to speculate: "What is running through this person's mind?" and "What do we have in common?" In considering my subject's demeanor I want viewers to develop a rapport with my subjects and consider our commonality. Ultimately, I would like my work to be the seed that, after an undetermined dormancy, germinates in each viewer's heart, develops there and eventually destabilizes the underpinnings of his/her long-nurtured, sacrosanct prejudices.




Mississippi University for Women, BFA

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