*In order to provide support for young artists interested in taking advantage of Manifest Drawing Center's rich programming on a year-round basis, we are offering a special Teen Pass for participants ages 13-18, amounting to an almost 50% discount on any programming.

The cost of Teen Pass is $175.

The value of Teen Pass credit is $325 and may be applied to any program offered.*

* Applies to any Drawing Center program except private lessons.

Please note: You will be presented a 'thank you' page after successful submission of your registration for the Manifest Teen Pass. This page will also provide the option to pay for the Pass by credit card through PayPal. Required fields in this form are marked in red. Should you receive an error page upon submitting the form, click your back button and provide the missing info, and submit again.

Please email us here if you have any technical questions or problems with this process, and we will help you promptly.

Because this is a Teen Pass, we ask that you first provide your (the purchaser's) info. Then in the appropriate field, provide the teen's info. Each Teen Pass will provide $325 worth of credit towards any Manifest studio offering for the period of a calendar year. Credit can be applied to multiple registrations during this time frame for a single named recipient between the ages of 13 and 18 until the balance is zero. If the credit is not enough to cover the entire fee for a selected course or program, remainder will be due before registration is complete. Multiple Teen Passes may be purchased and applied as desired.

If credit is not used within the stated time frame, the remainder is non-refundable.

Credit from the Manifest Teen Pass is not transferable from the teen listed on this form.

In order to use Teen Pass credit, recipient must register for desired course or session, then simply contact Manifest by email to confirm application of credit, and any remaining balance. All such emails should be addressed to Adam Mysock, Drawing Center Coordinator, at Mysock@manifestdrawingcenter.org.

Purchaser's name, address, and contact info:

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City:                                                                         State:                                          Zip:

Phone:                                                                     E-mail:*

*(you will be added to the Manifest Drawing Center email list)

Method of payment:

Payment instructions will be provided after you submit your registration.



This is the person who will be using this Manifest Drawing Center Teen Pass credit. They will be emailed (and purchaser will be copied) with notification of this registration, and credit total.

First Name:                                       Last Name:

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(Must be between 13 and 18 years old.)



Double check
the information you entered above. Clicking SUBMIT indicates that you promise to pay the selected amount, that you understand the TEEN PASS policy, and that the amount is non-refundable. If you receive an error please click your browser's back button and be sure all required fields are completed. This form constitutes your commitment to follow through with this registration.

Note that email is our primary means of communication at Manifest. So please be sure to adjust your spam filter settings to whitelist messages from our domain (manifestgallery.org and manifestdrawingcenter.org) and to expect news and info about your purchase to be sent via email.

Program and facility related questions may be emailed to Adam Mysock at Mysock@manifestdrawingcenter.org

(Required Confirmation): Checking this box and clicking SUBMIT indicates that you have confirmed your information is correct.

A confirmation copy of this form will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you provided.
Please print and retain the e-mail for future reference.