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Longer Exposure: Further Exploration of Darkroom Printing
Instructed by Ann Burrell

Alternating Sundays, 1-4pm
March 10 – April

Registration Deadline:
March 7, 2019

*The class will meet on these Sundays:
March 10
March 24
April 7
April 28


As a 4-week studio/lab supplement to our recent Introduction to Black and White Photography classes, this expanded exploration will offer participants dedicated darkroom time and one-on-one instruction focused on the continued exploration of various facets of darkroom printing:

In this course, participants will have the chance to explore: 

• Contrast Control
• Dodging and Burning
• Toning and Bleaching
• Paper Choices
• And More!

Although Longer Exposure will present less generalized, group instruction, it will enable more independent, problem-based development while maintaining a low-pressure, supportive communal setting. At Manifest, we know that dedicated practice is key to growth and the achievement of skill. Therefore, this supplemental style offering is intended for those committed to continuing their search and discipline at their own pace.


Tuition: $175
Course fee includes black & white chemistry and FREE access to all Open Photography Labs during the duration of the course.

Class Size:
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 6


Materials List:

• 3 Rolls of Kodak Tri-X 35mm film or Ilford HP-5 Plus 35mm film (400 ISO/ 36 exposures)

• 25 sheets (minimum)- 8”x10” resin coated, variable contrast photo paper

• 25 sheets - 8”x10” fiber base, variable contrast photo paper


Level of Study: This class is a focused engagement with darkroom processing and printing. Participants must have a basic understanding of, and experience with, black and white film processing. It is suitable for novices with experience and for those wishing to refresh their darkroom skills.

LOCATION: Unless otherwise specified, all courses are hosted at Manifest's Drawing Center Studios in Madisonville at 4905 Whetsel Avenue (second floor) (see map and direction links below). Manifest's studio facility provides two classrooms, a darkroom, and a processing room all totalling nearly 4000 square-feet. The studios are outfitted with professional equipment, furniture, and study aids.


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Photos by Ann Burrell



About the instructor:

Ann Burrell currently teaches photography at the Art Academy of Cincinnati – as adjunct faculty and as an instructor with the Community Education department. She absolutely loves showing her students how to process film and print their photographs. From those who have never experienced the magic of watching their first print appear in the developer to those who have been using a darkroom for years and find themselves so immersed in the process that one hour quickly transforms into 3, Burrell embraces similar experiences when in the darkroom. Everything else slips away and she is focused on the process – in how to best communicate what is seen and what is felt when it is seen.

For Burrell, taking pictures or creating photographic images without a camera, is a way of expressing significant parts of herself. Burrell strives to notice details and find beauty in ordinary things. Currently, one of her most passionate undertakings in the darkroom is the creation of photograms using objects placed on photo paper and exposed to light. The compositions of these images can be enhanced by variables such as the type of photo paper, length of exposure, opacity of various objects, tonal ranges and how light refracts through each object. Because of these variables, each image is unique and allows new ways of looking at common objects. This process continually surprises Burrell which, in turn, informs her approach to teaching all types of analog photography.




Manifest's 16th season is funded in part by a grant from the Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank, Trustee. This season's programming is also supported by an impact grant from ArtsWave, by a sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous contributions of individual supporters who care deeply about the visual arts.

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