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Manifest Scholar in Residence 2019/2020

Angela Livezey

This year Manifest continues a new branch of its residency program—the Manifest Scholar in Residence (SIR). Angela Livezey continues on, awarded a second year in Manifest's Scholar in Residence program.

Angela Livezey was born in 1996 in Texas, grew up in Northwest Iowa, and now lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio. She received her Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa in 2018 and was the recipient of the 2018 Manifest Scholar in Residence Award. Angela competed with other applicants from around the nation to win a second year award as Manifest Scholar in Residence.

Artist's Statement:

"For as long as I can remember, I have always been making. However, my relationship to art and how my studio practice functions in my life has wildly evolved over the last few years. Rather than entering the studio as a safe haven away from daily life, I now approach it as a space and opportunity to engage more deeply with life and those around me. The catalyst for this transformation was when I became interested in working from observation, as opposed to the abstract paintings, sculptures, and jewelry I had been making throughout high school and early undergrad.

I have found drawing from direct observation to be the most intimate and meaningful way of making images. Drawing from life is the compass that brought me to Cincinnati, and has become an even more central aspect of my practice. For me personally, this practice represents a larger commitment to being engaged and open to life and people that has been essential to my own personal growth. The process and experience of drawing from observation demands from me a willingness to be present, compassionate, and authentic—to be on the lookout for what I notice and feel connected to visually. I am pulled relentlessly to vibrant color, intricate textiles, pattern, and embroidery. These textiles, colors, and patterns are not just formally interesting to me, but are things I feel deeply connected to. This world of textiles and decorative art has provided me a window into my Mexican heritage and culture that I grew up removed from, but still feel drawn toward. Using textiles and colors that are used in Mexican art and culture in my drawings has been a way to reconnect to my roots, helping me to consider, embrace, and assert my own complex identity."

The images pictured at right are a sampling of those submitted with Angela's application.

See more and learn about Angela's work here:

The Scholar In Residence Program (SIR) at Manifest contrasts with the Artist In Residence Program (MAR) in a number of ways. Primarily the SIR is intended to support the study, practice, and exploration of the artist in one or more focus areas. This may be related to theory, aesthetics/criticism, teaching, studio/curricular operations, or studio-based art making. The nature of each resident's interest and focus will naturally determine the kinds of documentation provided across the year.

Information on how to apply for future SIR or MAR awards can be found here.



application artwork

application artwork

Angela at work in the Drawing Center, 2018











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