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Curt Pulleyblank
Ferndale, Michigan

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I want my work in photography to be about exploring the world around me, but the more I try and describe it, and the deeper I look into it, I see that itís really just me looking in. I wander around at night letting the shifting shadows of headlights jump out at me to scare me, to excite me, to point me in a new direction. I travel hundreds of miles just to end up being alone.

I capture, at least what I think my best work captures, is the stillness of a memory.
The thought that you arenít playing an entire event back, but rather just holding on to a fragment of it, the one moment when you realize something precious happened.





born: 1987, Royal Oak, Michigan


selected publications

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Studio Visit, Volume 18. Boston, Massachusetts: Open Studio Press p. 164-165, 2012

Lapsus and Rivista Litteraria, Issue 3. Genoa, Italy front cover, 2009





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