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John DuBois
Issaquah, Washington


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Edward Weston once said that he did not ìsearch for unusual subject matter, but [for] making the commonplace unusualî. Over time I believe that is at the heart of my photography. Perhaps as a result of childhood hearing loss I've also learned to think of photography in terms of musicality. Musicians and listeners hang with each other to create, listen and share; so it is with visual notes. I chose to explore the interaction of light, shape and texture within the environment in my images. I am inviting the viewer to consider their sense of place and the possibilities of taking a step in a visual journey.

I choose and work with film and digital capture in a range of formats. My personal interest in photography began with my family's Polaroid Land Camera that for no obvious reason I became the main user of and later with a Crown Graphic Press Camera before progressing to 35mm and medium format film cameras. Today in hindsight, without a specific plan I've come full circle and still work with a Crown Graphic passed down to me, as well as my original film camera and work enabled by the near miraculous re-appearance of 8x10 "instant" media from the Impossible Project in addition to digital cameras.

"Somewhere, Everywhere" is part of a series that grew out of my travels and started when I began to photograph the hotels and hotel rooms my travels placed me in. A casual effort at first, I've come to see the space of a hotel room as a canvas briefly imprinted by a transitory human presence until it is reset for another traveler. The bed photographs are taken right after awakening and getting up before the arrangements made are disturbed and become a record of that night and what remains.





born: 1954, Cape May, New Jersey



The George Washington University, BA, 1976


selected publications

Photographers@Microsoft, Volume 2, Peanut Butter Publishing and Channel Photographics. ISBN:978-0-9826137-4-0


selected group shows

32nd Annual Juried Membership Exhibition, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas, 2014

Black and White, New Century Artist Gallery, New York, New York, 2014

One by One, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, Colorado, 2014

Voyages, The Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, Virginia, 2014




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