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Barry Andersen
Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Northern Kentucky University, Professor Emeritus

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I have been making pictures of the land and sky for over 30 years. My landscape interest lies primarily at the interface of human activity on the land. Color and picture structure remain primary interests in my work. My pictures on occasion take a form whose beauty is relatively easy to access, but often take shape in pictures that stretch my sense of what beauty is in a pictorial and personal sense.

Digital photography has allowed me the freedom to play with the picture in ways that painters generally take for granted. I can readily remove objects from a scene and slightly alter the land before me to enhance the structure of the picture and clarify the visual experience I am seeking. Some of my pictures are absolutely straightforward photographic recordings of the scene in front of me. Some have small digital enhancements similar to traditional dodging and burning. Some of the pictures have a sky replaced, a common 19th century darkroom practice. Still others depict scenes that do not exist as shown; none are meant to be documents, hopefully some delight the eye.





born: 1945, West Point, New York



University of Florida, MFA, 1975

California State University Northridge, BA, 1973


selected awards/honors

Invited to participate in the "Museum Project" work added to numerous public collections, 2014

Recent work added to the collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum, 2013

"Spirit of Light Award" for lifetime service to photography in Greater Cincinnati, 2012

Work added to the collection of the "Bibliotheque nationale de France", 2009


selected publications

"Light and Lens" Robert Hirsch author, photograph used as example, 2008

"An Introduction to Digital Photography", Author, 2006

"All Possible Worlds" the photographic work of Douglas Prince, editor/author, 1999

"Photography Annual 1980" Popular Photography, Ziff Davis, New York, 1980


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Spirit of Light award show, 40 print retrospective, Notre Dame Academy, Kentucky, 2012

Two person show, Sandra Small Gallery, Covington, Kentucky, 2010

Under One Roof, Two person show with Diane Kruer, College of Mt. St. Joseph, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2002

The Sky Above, The Earth Below, post sabbatical show, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky, 1991


selected group shows

Regional Showcase Juried exhibition, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2014

With a Little Help From My Friends, Adrian College, Michigan, 2013

Photo Works of the 21st Century, Center for Fine Art Photography, Viewers Top Choice, Fort Collins, Colorado, 2006

Altered States, Riffe Gallery, Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, Ohio, 2006




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