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international photography annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Sarah Wrobel
Cincinnati, Ohio


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In my photography, I'm interested in capturing a juxtaposition of both a metaphysical world and the mundane world that I'm surrounded by every day, but I can't say I feel that one viewpoint is more important than the other. I like to shoot anything that strikes me, and that is my only preference, that each frame has something emotionally captivating, and that will make it beautiful. Since photography is naturally a mimetic art it is universally relatable with narrative characteristics. So many photographs are used to capture a moment, person, place, thing, or even a feeling in my case. Each and every photo I shoot needs that catharsis even if it doesn't lend itself to tell a story you can still take something away from the photograph.


born:1993, Alexandria, Virginia

selected publications

Photographers Forum, Best of College Photography 2011. Pg 72
Photographers Forum,Best of College Photography 2010. Pg 239

selected group shows

See Mee Exposure 2013, New York, NY, 2013







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