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Mel Keiser
Peru, Illinois


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I begin every artwork with an image of myself.

Endless variation and improvisation with my own image creates hundreds of objects that are the same, yet different.  This parallels the building of identity in real time and space, in that we perceive identity or 'person-hood' as continuous, though the object is ever-changing.

Thus, this work is an investigation inward to the endless variation of my own fragmented narrative identity.  Each body of work is an experiment, a type of research to collect data about an unknown entity (myself) by seeking to understand its basic definition and composition, as well as its potential.  It is the search to find the constant in a sea of variables.  However, the elusive, abstract, changeable nature of identity makes this data collection ultimately futile.  Instead, the act of trying to understand identity  in and of itself ultimately reveals  identity's  shifting and unchartable nature.


born: 1985, Naperville, Illinois


Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, MFA, 2011
Studio Art Centers International Florence, 2006
Illinois Wesleyan University, BFA, 2007

selected awards/honors

Artist Grant, Vermont Studio Center, 2010
Exhibition Honors, Illinois Wesleyan University, 2007
Anderson Ranch Tuition Scholarship, Anderson Ranch, 2007

selected publications

People's Photography:  30th Anniversary Publication, China, 2013
New City Art:  Review:  Mel Keiser and Martina Lopez/Schneider Gallery Recommended, Michael Weinstein, Chicago, IL, 2013
Chicago Tribune Local:  Revelation, Kristy Kennedy, Chicago, IL: April 11, 2013
People's Photography:  The Melancholy Eyes, Huo Wei, China, March 2013

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Schneider Gallery:  The Écorchés, Chicago, IL 2013

selected group shows

Manifest Gallery:  Master Pieces 6, Cincinnati, OH, 2012
Woman Made Gallery:  While in Class, Chicago, IL, 2010







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