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international photography annual 1 exhibition-in-print
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Monica Rezman
Chicago, Illinois

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The photography component of my work is new. It is an attempt to document my daughter at play with those same items that fascinated me as a child. I capture her while she investigates the mystique and power of her burgeoning femininity. Using the camera, I am able to compose her as a drawing. Her body becomes the mass in the image that holds it all together. Her movements abstract the subject in the same way that the hair takes over the drawings. In some ways it feels like the most natural continuation of the work done in the past.



born: 1958, United States


Art Institute of Chicago, 1976-80

selected awards/honors

Purchase Award: Lubeznik Center, Indiana 2009
Award for Excellence, Evanston Art Center 2007

selected publications

International Drawing Annual-Manifest Gallery 2010
New American Painting 2006

selected solo or two-person exhibits

"Hair Lines" Chicago Cultural Center  2013
The Woolgatherer, Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago 2011
Being Woven, Boltax Gallery, Shelter Island, NY 2008
Is Today Tomorrow, NavtaSchulz Gallery, Chicago 2007

selected group shows

Acts of  Recognition, Kendal College of Art and Design, MI, 2012
Hidden Faces, Primo Piano Gallery, Lecce, Italy 2010
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, 2010
Down to Their: Koehnline Museum of Art, Chicago, 2008

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