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Laura Fisher
Cincinnati, Ohio

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I am a listener and storyteller and a communicator.  My work primarily deals with stretching the definition of "communication:" changes that cannot be read, cannot be translated, things that were never meant to be conveyed but, nevertheless, are still somehow felt.  Recently, I have visually represented this concept through literal forms of communication such as Braille and Morse Code, incorporated directly into photographic prints by altering the surface of the print with engraving and embossing tools.

For me, graduating college not only meant a significant lifestyle change, but also the end of an artistic dialogue that I had been a part of for as long as I could remember.  Being outside of an academic environment forced me to be more introspective.  What was before a frenzied pace of academic discussions and critiques was now a quiet state of self-reflection, living and working alone.

To cope with these vicissitudes, I began to take long drives by myself.  This forced me to remain in an environment without any distractions or conversations, with nothing to do but think.  After a few of these drives, I decided to capture this method I had developed of dealing with my post-graduation-mini-existential-crisis.  To do this, I hooked up my DSLR to my MacBook Pro, and programmed it to take hands-free exposures while I drove.  I used an extremely low ISO and small aperture so that I could obtain a shutter speed of several seconds, to mimic the countryside flying past my windshield.  

The work that resulted from my habit of consuming gas for introspective purposes is jarringly different from the aesthetic of my previous photographic bodies of work.  But, at the time, I needed these quiet roamings to listen to my own thoughts, so that I could eventually communicate them with others.




born: 1989, Cincinnati, Ohio


University of Cincinnati, BFA, 2011

selected awards/honors

Outstanding Fine Arts Senior Award, University of Cincinnati, 2011
John L. Magro Foundation Fine Arts Scholarship, Cincinnati, OH, 2011
Creative Arts Project Grant, University Honors Program, University of Cincinnati, 2011
Isabela Meta Wolfstein Travel Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, 2010

selected publications

People Style Watch. New York, NY: Time Inc., p. 222, May 2012. Print.
Ich Weiß Das Noch Nicht. San Francisco, CA: Blurb, 2010. Hardcover.
Best of College Photography. Santa Barbara, CA: Photographer‚s Forum, Serbin, Glen R., ed. 2009. Hardcover.
International Drawing Annual. Cincinnati, OH: Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, 2009. Hardcover.

selected solo or two-person exhibits

La Porte Peinte Centre pour les Arts: I Was Going to Tell You, Noyers sur Serein, France, 2012
Max Kade German Cultural Center: Berlin Bleibt Berlin, Cincinnati, OH, 2011
840 Gallery: Letters to My Dearest Strangers, Cincinnati, OH, 2010

selected group shows

Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center: Regional Photo Exhibition, Covington, KY, 2012
Dorothy W. and C. Lawson Jr. Reed Gallery: DAAPWorks, Cincinnati, OH, 2011
Prairie Gallery: Things I Burned in the Fire I Started, Cincinnati, OH, 2010



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