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David Stanger
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Seton Hill University, Associate Professor

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I make paintings through direct engagement with subjects in the world and am intimately concerned with the materials and craft of painting. My work is both tempered and stimulated by the rich and varied traditions of representational painting, and attempts to translate the emotional activity of sight into meaningful pictorial concepts.

Often developed from unexpected visual encounters that fascinate and tug at me, a painting begins as a glance that leads to sustained observation and enduring, meaningful experiences. As a painting grows, the surface gains a history and begins to hold a measured pictorial intensity commensurate to those emotional impulses that set the whole process in motion.

Paintings rooted in direct observation of a motif offer the opportunity to share in the visual experience of the painter, as the marks are records of the time spent looking. It is largely this technical narrative, the physical index of the painterís accumulated decisions, that drives the contemporary importance of painting as an art.





born: 1976, Pittsburgh



Hoffberger School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art, MFA 2002
Syracuse University, BFA, 1998


selected awards/honors

Henry and Elise Hillman Award, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 104th Annual Exhibition, 2015
Finalist, Portrait Category, 31st Annual Painting Competition, The Artistís Magazine, 2014
Second Prize, 8th International Drawing Annual, Manifest Gallery, 2014
Jurorís Choice Award, 4th Annual Drawing Discourse, UNC Asheville, 2013


selected publications

Manifest Gallery, 5th International Painting Annual, Exhibition in Print, 2015
Manifest Gallery, 4th International Painting Annual, Exhibition in Print, 2014
Manifest Gallery, 8th International Drawing Annual, Exhibition in Print, 2014
University of North Carolina, 4th Annual Drawing Discourse, Exhibition Catalog - Cover, 2013


selected group shows

Butler Institute of American Art, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 104th Annual, Youngstown, OH, 2015
Future Tenant Gallery, Bedtime Stories, Pittsburgh, PA, 2015
Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Peddling Personalities, Greensburg, PA, 2014
Manifest Gallery, Face First, Cincinnati, OH, 2014



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