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David Smith
Hong Kong, China

Savannah College of Art & Design, Hong Kong

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These paintings depict vast spaces on a small, intimate scale. They use the unpredictable qualities of oil washes to disrupt, dissolve or decay the image surface. Light, space, weather and pollution play around trees, mountains, lakes and clouds. The images push noise against signal and create a tension between material and image. Aiming to be open ended, evasive and spare, they tease our desire for the primal, the mysterious and the elemental.

David Smith is an Irish artist based in Hong Kong. He works primarily in painting but also in music and photographic projects. His work has been shown in solo and group works in Hong Kong, Ireland, the US and Europe. He is currently a Professor of Foundation Studies and Painting at Savannah College of Art & Design in Hong Kong.





born: 1976, Ireland



University of Ulster, MFA 2003
Sligo I.T. BFA, 2001
G.M.I.T. NDip, 1998


selected awards/honors

Arts Council of Ireland Travel Award, 2004
Thomass Damann Jnr Memorial Trust Award, 1998


selected publications

INPA 5, Manifest Press, 2015
INPA 4, Manifest Press, 2014
INPA 2, Manifest Press, 2012
INPA 1, Manifest Press, 2011


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Amelia Johnson Contemporary Gallery: Greyscale (Solo), Hong Kong, 2014
Amelia Johnson Contemporary Gallery: MySpace (Two-Person exhibit with Wong Kai Kin), Hong Kong, 2013
Manifest Gallery: City-Haze (Solo), Cincinnati, OH, 2011


selected group shows

Rag Factory London, TIAF London 2015 (The Independent Artist's Fair), 2015
Amelia Johnson Contemporary Gallery: Small Wonders, Hong Kong, 2013
Manifest Gallery: Fresh Paint, Cincinnati, OH, 2013
Amelia Johnson Contemporary Gallery: Landscape and the Urban Environment, Hong Kong, 2012



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