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Cap Pannell
Dallas, Texas

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When I was four years old my father owned a 1949 Chevrolet sedan. I thought the car was as sleek and beautiful as a rocket ship. It stood out against many of the other cars in our little West Texas town, which were black Model A's, even Model T's. I asked my dad why they looked the way they did and he said "They're old."

So in my child's mind I thought that cars of brilliant candy-colored red, green and blue grew old and turned flat black, their sleek lines sprouting fenders and detached headlights like ear hair. Their curved windshields no longer at a rakish angle but rectangular and vertical as fence posts. Their gleaming chrome hubcaps now bristling with spokes like wagon wheels.

I had made my first leap of the imagination.

I was once told that doing art is the great journey. With no road maps. No directions. Sometimes no known destination. And the only guidance you may be blessed with is intuition. Intuition fueled by imagination.

Although my work is representational and derived from nature, I leave it open to interpretation and imagination. I allow my intuition to guide me. Sometimes it doesn't work and I'm in for a long struggle of revisions. Sometimes intuition does its job and the image flows like water. Magic time.

My goal is to make something that resonates for me not only visually but emotionally. And, when everything falls into place, and if I'm fortunate, this will happen for the viewer as well.





born: 1949, Eldorado, Illinois



North Texas State University, BS, 1971


selected awards/honors

2009 Designated official illustrator of the U.S. Postal Service with publication of postage stamp


selected publications

Southwest Art Magazine & Collectorís Guide finalist, 2015, F & W Media, Inc
Artist's Magazine 32nd Annual Art Competition multiple finalist, 2015, F & W Media, Inc
Manifest Gallery International Painting Annual 2014, page 137
Creative Quarterly, Fine Art category, 2015, 2013, 2012, Artisanal Media LLC


selected group shows

Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, Fresh Paint Biennial, 2015 group show
Artspace111 Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas, 2nd Regional Juried Exhibition, group show, 2015
Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas, Bird: The Artists Eye View of Birds, group show, 2015
Beeville Art Museum, Beeville, Texas, 2015 Texas Artists Exhibition, group show



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