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Jason John
Jacksoville, Florida

University of North Florida, Assistant Professor

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As a painter, I represent figures ensnared in environments of uneasiness and flux. Some or all of the figures in my paintings are partially concealed by veils or masks that obscure the face, one of the most important traditional subjects of painting and the psychological locus of personhood, relationship, and identity. Partially or fully concealing the identity of the subject alters the viewerís traditional expectation of intimate access to the represented individual. The veil or mask denatures the subject of the painting and marks him or her as object of the viewerís gaze. The characters in my paintings become part of the material environment of the painting. They can evolve toward empowered subjects or devolve into beautifully crafted objects deprived of identity through the subjective eye and imagination of the viewer, whose own identity and perceptual biases inevitably contribute to resolving the significance of the artwork.





born: 1980, Detroit, Michigan



Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MFA, 2005
Kutztown University, BFA, 2002


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