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Cheung Ho Keung
Hong Kong, China

The Chinese University Of Hong Kong
Graduate Student

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My art life started from Blueprint!

Since 2000, I have been starting the creation of a series of artwork under the name of Blueprint. The basic concept of Blueprint was a group of pictures that is combining and unfolding. Initially, Blueprint was the combination and extension of reality. Later, more creation of content and spirit were developed, recording, combining and expanding every amazing moment of life. By using different forms of expression, Blueprint explores a same theme existence and through different series of artwork, it reveals such existence!

The creation process of Blueprint is basically divided into the following stages:

1. The Grassland - recording the revelation of nature, and recalling Monogolian grassland
2. The Babel - introspecting religion, exploring the relationship between the Creator and Existence
3. The Light in Darkness - entering into the grassland of inner mind to encounter with the inner light
4. The Origin - recalling original and simple life, accusing the complicated but modern era, and entering into this complication to experience the lost.

Finally, "In One" is an important element of Blueprint, which is expecting the future path of art. The past, the present, the future, all is put together to form Blueprint.




born: 1975, Hong Kong



2011 Art Therapy: Professional Theory & Practice, School of Continuing and Professional Studies
2001 Bachelor of Arts in Design (Combined Studies) Hong Kong Polytechnic University


selected awards/honors

Blueprint - White: Nokia Arts Awards Asia Pacific Visions of Your Future ,1999 Lumberjack Rd, David Lusk Gallery, Nashville TN, 2015

Blueprint - The Tower of Babel: Philippe Charriol Foundation Modern Art (2nd runner-up) , 1999


selected publications

Chicago Art Magazine, National Wet Paint Exhibition, 2012


selected solo of two-person exhibits

Two Ocean Art Exhibition, Hong Kong, 2012
Blueprint "Focus" and "Overview" Exhibition, Hong Kong, 2001


selected group shows

Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial, in Hong Kong Art Museum, 1996, 2001
L' art de Vivre la Difference, in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 2000
Paris Beyond the Surface Chinese Abstract Art, in Museu de Arte de Macau, 2008
New Art Wave Expo, in Hall D Costi Expo Venetian, Macau Total, 2015


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