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Kristy Gordon
Brooklyn, New Yorke

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I paint people in simple poses with strong, psychological evocations. By stripping away layers of false self that masquerade and pretend, I present the viewer with an authentic image of self, free of defense and deception. My practice of painting is strongly autobiographical and closely linked to a process of self-discovery. By exploring a truer expression of myself, I come closer to my highest potential, both in life and in painting. My work combines the disciplines of traditional representational painting with the automatist playfulness of doodling and graffiti. I attempt to let go of the fear of the unknown and work more intuitively. Of particular interest to me is the acceptance of uncertainty and impermanence in my life, and my work investigates the symbiotic relationship between life's cycles of beginnings and endings, death and rebirth. Through a combination of blurred and sharp edges, my oil paintings blend resolution with dissolution, ambiguity with clarity.





born: Vancouver, BC, Canada



New York Academy of Art, MFA, 2013
Ontario College of Art and Design, BFA, 2011
Algonquin College, Animation Diploma, 2001


selected awards/honors

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award, 2015, 2013, 2009
Exceptional Merit Award, Portrait Society of America, International Portrait Competition, 2014
Finalist, The Kingston Prize, Kingston, ON, 2013
Third Prize, The Artistís Magazine, 28th Annual Art Competition, 2011


selected publications

Face Off: Figure and Ground,î The Artistís Magazine, September 2015, p. 44-51 (cover image), 2015
Master Showcase,î International Artist, October/November 2014, issue 99, p. 30, 2014
Highlighting Women Artists,î by Kelly Compton, Fine Art Connoisseur, October 2014, vol. 11, no. 5, P. 79, 2014
Atmospheric Effects in a Complex Composition, International Artist, April/May 2014, issue 96, 2014


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Flux, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, ON, 2014
Beautiful and Dangerous, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, ON, 2013
Rise, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, ON, 2012
Recent Paintings, Artguise Gallery, Ottawa, ON, 2009


selected group shows

Stricoff Fine Art, NYC, 2015
Face It, Onsite: Brooklyn, Brookyn, NY, 2015
Gems, Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, 2015
Annual Master & Signature Status Members Show & National Juried Exhibition, Bonner David Galleries, American Women Artists, Scottsdale, AZ, 2015



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