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Jennifer Gennari
Brooklyn, New York


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I learned everything I know about the technique of painting from the Florence Academy of Art. The education you receive there is forever a part of you and I seek to apply it to every piece I create. When you leave FAA and head out into the world you no loner have a safety net of support from your teachers and it becomes entirely up to you to push yourself and never settle when you know you can do better. I still very much hold on to what the academy teaches and push myself every day to never settle, and start every painting I do with a strong drawing. An instructor told me once, that at the heart of every beautiful painting is a well understood drawing. And I think of that every time I come to the easel.

I constantly look at the work of the old masters, and I think throughout your life some styles speak to you more than others. It depends on where you are in your evolution as an artist, but for me now, I have been studying more impressionistic work and trying to be more loose with my brushwork. I strive to see both the color and shape exactly, and paint it aggressively and with confidence. Iím finding this gives me a freshly painted look, like I came to the easel and painted the whole thing that day.

I continue to develop this style in parallel with my personal exploration of the big, eternal question of, ìwhat to paint?î I like having people study my work and wonder what its all about; not out of confusion, but because itís making their imagination run with a narrative for the piece. Of course, I know what it all means, but the idea that people can be inspired to create their own theme for the work, makes it fun and incredibly personal.





born: 1983, Massapequa, NY



Ringling College of Art and Design, BFA, 2005
Florence Academy of Art, 2008-2011


selected awards/honors

American Artist Professional League, Grand National Exhibition 2015
Florence Academy of Art Alumni show in honor of its NJ metro branch opening 2015
Portrait Society of America- Certificate of Excellence 2015


selected group shows

Forces of Nature- One Art Space NYC 2015
Denise Bibro Fine Art, 2014
Richard Massey Foundation, Florence Academy Alumni Show NYC, 2014
Principle Gallery Charleston, "Women Painting Women" 2014



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