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Marna Shopoff
Indianapolis, Indiana

Herron School of Art & Design, Adjunct Professor

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My work is a vehicle to investigate the perceptual intimacy I find within public spaces. Blending contemporary with classical approaches to art and spatial relationships, I use the idea of perception as a function of human experience, place and personal memory. I explore how art can become a space by its interaction with the environment and how the space can become the artwork. Blending the philosophies of architecture with abstraction, architecture becomes both a visual and physical bridge between inside and out, a passageway of self-reflection, while abstraction is a way to move through a space. I explore compositional, personal and experiential connections while creating an invitation for the viewer to do the same.

Conceptualizing ideas relating to place identity and lived experiences within the built environment, my large-scale paintings become an extension of my identity. The suggested architectural elements become a metaphoric voice, representing the temporality of my human condition, while teetering between the realms of public and private, intimacy and distance. I am interested in spatial relationships that capture an essence of a place, how we move through a space in the world and within a piece of art. My work explores whether, through art, we can share our individual perceptions, whether someone can access and experience a new view of the world through my artwork and how I can create a new space via my art.




born: 19578, Fort Wayne, Indiana



Herron School of Art & Design, MFA, 2014
Herron School of Art & Design, BFA, 2012


selected awards/honors

Artist-in-Residence Award, Stutz Artist Association, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2014
Artist-in-Residence Award, Taliesin Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Spring Green, Wisconsin, 2014
Graduate International Experience Award, Herron School of Art & Design, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2013
Mildred Darby Menz Award, Herron School of Art & Design, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2012


selected publications

Studio Visit, v25, Layered Between, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2014
Manifest, 7th Annual Master Pieces, v73, Hued Constructs, Oil on Canvas, 2013
Blue Canvas, The Artist Network, Issue #14, Into The Windows, Oil on Canvas, 2012
Im|Material Publication 01, Corresponding Convergences, Oil on Canvas, 2012


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Searching the Imaginary, Harrison Center for The Arts!, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2014 (Solo)
Gray Area, WellConnect, Columbus, Indiana, 2014 (Solo)
Structured Essence, wUG LAKUís Studio and Garage, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2012 (Solo)
Etiketta Exotica, Harrison Center for The Arts!, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2013 (two-person collaborative with Melissa Hopson.)


selected group shows

18th Annual No Dead Artist, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2014
Contemporary Landscapes, Gallery 924 Indianapolis, Indiana, 2014
Grey Gardens, Harrison Center for The Arts!, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2013
International Exhibition, Gallery ASI, Morreli Studios, Montecastello di Vibio, Umbria, Italy, 2013


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