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international painting annual 5 exhibition-in-print
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Hillary Leach
Morgantown, West Virginia

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My paintings are experiments in balance. They seek to find an equilibrium between chaos and peace; texture and softness; perfection and imperfection; the organic and the contrived. They are visual landscapes that celebrate the fluidity of paint as it relates to the stiffness of mass-produced materials. Each painting has a physicality that flirts with the line between two dimensions and three. My paintings are true to their medium. They do not attempt to be anything more than they are.





born: 1992, Jacksonville, Florida



West Virginia University, BFA, 2014


selected awards/honors

National Merit Scholarship, 2010
Johnston Scholarship Study Abroad Stipend, 2010
Vizzi Award, Best Color Photo, 2008


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Zen Garden, site-specific installation, Morgantown, West Virginia, 2012


selected group shows

BFA Exhibition, Laura and Paul Mesaros Galleries, Morgantown, West Virginia, 2014
Juried Student Exhibition, Creative Arts Center, Morgantown, West Virginia, 2013



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