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Felicia Forte
San Francisco, California

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"Destroying Something You've Worked So Hard to Create" was started as a marriage began to unravel, and was then put on hold. When I returned to it, the apathy and disillusionment I was feeling in general led me to finish it in large swirling and stabbing brushstrokes, and with a certain amount of abstraction that I had been only flirting with until then. This more expressive or natural way of painting couldn't have been found had I not been a bit outside of myself emotionally. Now, my goal is to maintain that objectivity in the technicality of my painting while at the same time allowing myself to be drawn to subject matter without intellectual discrimination. To paint images and moments based on personal resonance.





born: 1979, Los Angeles, California


selected publications

Upcoming: Artist's Magazine, Feature Article, April 2015
Professional Artist Magazine, "Artist Spotlight" Feature, November/December, 2013
American Art Collector Magazine, group show feature of "Still, Life and Land" at Maxwell Alexander Gallery, March, 2013
"The Clearing" featured in Fine Arts Magazine, a publication of the fine art museums of San Francisco, to announce Felicia Forte's December 2013 residency at The de Young Museum of Fine Art


selected group shows

Urban Aspect, Principle Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia, 2014
Pay it Forward, Principle Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia, 2014
Women Painting Women, Principle Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina, 2014
These are a Few of My Favorite Things, Principle Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina, 2014



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