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Spencer Corbett
Brighton, Michigan

Delta College, Adjunct Instructor


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I am a careful and constant observer. I probably enjoy social gatherings for a different reason than most people, as I am more interested in interacting as a passive witness than as the life of the party. The psychology of "mob mentality" has always fascinated me, especially when the mob is influenced by catalysts like hormones, sexual angst, and booze. When the mob ignites, abandonment of decent judgment and loss of inhibitions is both exciting and very frightening. My artwork is both a critique and a celebration of this phenomenon. As I comment on a variety of subjects from our society's obsession and dependence on digital media, lust for what we don't have, and the general recklessness of human nature, I attempt to be just as self-critical as socially critical. The shameless characters in my paintings reinforce an overwhelming suspicion that human beings are as much propelled toward primordial impulse as they are concerned with achieving civilized man. My paintings surrender to impulse rather than trying to escape it.



born: 1986, Lansing, Michigan



Indiana University, MFA 2012
Michigan State University, BFA 2009


selected awards/honors

Figure 50, selected artist-representing Michigan, season 3,, 2014
Zhou B Spirit Award (best in show) National Wet Paint Exhibition MFA Competition, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, 2012


selected publications

Expose Art Magazine, Art Miami Basel Edition,, 2014
Fresh Paint Magazine, Volume IV, July 2014
Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 27, winter 2014
Poets & Artists Magazine, Raw Beauty, 2014


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Techno Escapers, Delta College Galleria, University Center, Michigan, 2014
Our Ego Glow, Gallery 13, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2013
Buffering, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2012
Within, National Self Portrait Exhibition, Contemporary gallery 33, Chicago, Illinois, 2013


selected group shows

Magnitude 7 International small works Exhibition: Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2014
___+____}, {____+____}, {____+____}: A Collage show, Scene Metrospace, East Lansing, Michigan, 2014
Great Lakes Drawing Biennial, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 2014
2013 Within National Self Portrait Exhibition, Contemporary gallery 33, Chicago, Illinois, 2014



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