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Caomin Xie
Atlanta, Georgia

Clayton State University, Associate Professor


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Painting is not a concept; it carried more history than concept. It is the thing which makes visual sense become art. Painting cannot be defined because it is the thing which has existed way before we learn how to define our world. It is a sphere, a situation. I cannot have the conscious of painting because it is before my consciousness. Painting assembles together my sensations of the world.

Mandalas are not patterns from the Euclidean linear geometry but fractals based on the chaos theory. Creating Mandala is not a process from predetermination to fruit; Instead,it is a random variation upon different outcomes; it is slice of moment of infinitude possibilities.

A structure from being built to its demolition: a cycle from being inorganic to become organic then return to be inorganic; an experience from "more" to "one" then back to "more".

Ruins are the compound of technological capacity and cosmic energy. It bonded together technology and natural causes. In the ruins, the contradiction between culture and nature has been dismissed.





born: 1974, Shanghai, China



Savannah College of Art and Design, MFA 2001

China Art Academy, BFA 1998


selected awards/honors

Contemporary Expressionism-The Creative Spirit, 2nd prize, The San Diego Museum of Art, Artists Guild, 2013

Working Artist Award, Museum of Contemporary Georgia, 2010-2011

Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, commended Award, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, 2006


selected publications

New American Paintings; #100. Boston, Massachusetts: Open Studio Press, pp. Front Cover, 148,149,150,151, 2012

National Art Magazine; Xie Caomin Works.Shanghai: National Arts. 2012/07 ed., pp. 2,3

Studio Visit; Volume Two. Boston, MA: Open Studio Press,pp. 212, 213, 2008

Art Observation Magazine, Simulacra and Reality: Painting Mimic Digital Media. Beijing.2007/06 ed.,pp. 93-96


selected solo or two-person exhibits

The Circle of the Ruins, The Other Gallery, Beijing, China, 2012

Samsara, Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, Atlanta, 2011

The Still Within, SCAD HongKong Gallery, HongKong, China, 2010

Countless Universes, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, 2008


selected group shows

Dragon, Asia Aspiring, Asian artists group exhibition, Arterior Taipei, 2013

Shadow, six artists of Asian Pacific heritage at SUNY Oneonta, New York, 2010

Digital Media Painting, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China, 2008

Yellow Box-Contemporary Art in Chinese Traditional Space, Shanghai China, 2006



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