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Nicholas Raynolds
Asheville, North Carolina

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For the past decade or more, I have deliberately sought to develop my vision and craft from direct observation.  I have consciously avoided working from mechanically mediated sources such as photographs.  As a result, my work is about my immediate environment; Light, Time, and Memory and the inventions I am prone to.  Wether portraits, figures, landscapes, interiors, or still-life, my approach is about an integration of both the analytical and the intuitive.

My painting "Homunculus Too" is an investigation into a purely corporeal collection of mundane forms and the associations produced by their proximity to one another.  The piece becomes a construction; an interpretation of the mind and body; an invention like an artificial intelligence or golem.  By invoking the wunderkammer, selection, and preference serve to describe the residual admixture of character.  Each cell holds an element or object that interacts with the others to create, a little poem to networks, circuits, biologies, and our impulse to (re)create ourselves out of component parts.  





born: 1967, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada



Water Street Atelier, Brooklyn, New York, Private Study, 2001-2004

Emily Carr College of Art & Design, BFA, 1996


selected awards/honors

1st Place Landscape/Floral; The Artist's Magazine's 31st (2014) Art Competition

Red Clay Survey: 2014 Exhibition of Contemporary Art; Huntsville Museum of Art, Alabama

International Painting Annual 4; Manifest, Cincinnati, Ohio


selected publications

"Few Colors, Full Range" The Artist's Magazine May 2014 issue

"Lessons in Classical Drawing: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier" By Juliette Aristides

Seek My Face by John Updike Knopf Publishing Cover Illustration


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Rooftops: Big Cities & Small Towns; Nicholas M. Raynolds & Bennett Vadnais Haynes Galleries, Nashville Tennessee, 2014

Recent Paintings and Drawings, John Pence Gallery, San Francisco California , 2007

Introductions, John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2005


selected group shows

Red Clay Survey: 2014 Exhibition of Contemporary Southern Art,  Huntsville Museum of Art, Alabama, 2014

Fresh Paint, Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati Ohio, 2013

Figures, John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2013

The Figure in American Art: 16th Annual Exhibition, Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York, New York , 2013



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