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Logan Marconi
Gainesville, Florida

University of Florida, Adjunct Professor of Art

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As a painter, Logan's body of work explores issues of existence and the uncertainty of knowledge in both physical and spiritual domains. Specifically, his works are a meditation on silence endeavoring to unearth a sense of the sacred in the world. Each painting is worked and reworked, allowing images to disappear and emerge, until they reach a state of silence- a half step suspended between a pilgrimage and a conclusion. In this way, the work is more liminal than it is concrete and beckons towards that which is just on the precipice of comprehension. Architect and master builder Josef Hueber said, "As with the mind, light should also fill the room."  To that degree, as I work against a space of uncertainty, I too wish to fill it with light.

Philosophically, Logan is concerned with the capacity for artwork to be veridical and the artistic practice used to facilitate belief-informing processes.





born: 1984, San Francisco, California



University of Florida, MFA 2013

Herron School of Art and Design, BFA, 2008


selected awards/honors

Hiram Williams Painting Award, University of Florida, 2012

Whale & Star Summer Workshop Scholarship, 2011


selected solo or two-person exhibits

The Pilgrimage Mt. Dora, Mt. Dora Center for the Arts, Florida, 2013


selected group shows

Coloring Class, CASP- Charles Adams Studio Project, Lubbock, Texas, 2014

Redemption, Amelia Center Gallery ,Gulf Coast State College, Panama City, Florida, 2013

Transcendental, Studio 550, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2013



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