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international painting annual 3 exhibition-in-print
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Joseph Venture
Hoboken, New Jersey

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In each painting I wish to construct an instance of reality just beyond ours where classical and quantum physics converge, and space-time is malleable. There, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is law, and anything that can happen, does happen. The human subject is injected so the resulting paradoxes are experienced directly by a conscious vessel.

Bruce Lee said, "The aim of art is but the opening of all human capacities." The practice of Jeet Kune Do allows me to engage my physical abilities and to train my instinct and coordination. Reading about theoretical physics forces me to grapple with logic and question the nature of things. And dedication to classical realism teaches me to analyze light and space, to translate them to the image plane, and to hone my technique. Painting then, for me, is an expression of all human capacities.

Having studied the old masters in Italy, I attended the New York Academy of Art to study human anatomy, drawing and oil painting under Noah Buchanan, John Wellington and others. There I received great inspiration from pop-surrealist Nicola Verlato, who remains an important influence on my artistic practice. I currently work at my studio in Hoboken, New Jersey.


born: 1987, New Jersey


New York Academy of Art, MFA, 2011
Marist College, BS, 2009
Marist-LdM, Florence, Italy, 2008

selected awards/honors

Venice Biennale Residency Workshop Fellowship, Marist-LdM, 2009
Baccalaureate Award for Department of Art and Art History, Marist College, 2009

selected publications

Mullan, Kate. "Joseph Ventura.‰ Graphic Echo. Interview. Web, April 2012.
Kuspit, Donald. "Some Dialectical Images." Uncharted. New York, NY: New York Academy of Art p. 5-11, 2011

selected group shows

New York Academy of Art: The Ones, New York, NY, 2012
New York Academy of Art: Uncharted: MFA Thesis Exhibition, New York, NY, 2011
Hunter College Times Square Gallery: College Art Association NY Area MFA Exhibition, New York, NY, 2011
Forbes Gallery NYC: I've Got a Secret, New York, NY, 2011



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