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Catherine Dunn
Lexington Park, Maryland


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I don’t know why I paint. Neither does anyone else. But best of all, no one really cares anyway. This gives a person a lot of leeway.

I’m legally blind without my glasses. For several years of life, everything I saw was a blur. It might have been that I was in constant motion but I still couldn’t see well enough to avoid hitting trees. A seminal moment came when I got my first pair of glasses. Suddenly the trees had leaves. I stopped running into them. Weird. Now when I am in my studio, I try to recapture childhood by taking off my glasses and running back and forth in front of the paintings, sometimes with a very big brush. My mother tells me I ought to slow down, running 70 or 80 miles a night right up there between the studio walls is bound to have effects. To really see these paintings the right way you have to get up out of your chair and run back and forth too. You may get cramps and hyperventilate but it only makes the work better.

I live and work in Southern Maryland. It’s an out of the way place, the last stop on the end of a peninsula, right before diving into the sea. Your visitors have to really want to find you. My studio has two doors. Sometimes I can’t remember which one is the locked one. This keeps me in there longer than usual. I think it’s been good for my work.



born: 1969, Atlanta, Georgia


Indiana University, MFA, 1998
Hampshire College, BA, 1992

selected awards/honors

Artist in Residence, Rochefort -en -Terre, France, MICA , 2005

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Home, Allen Sheppard Gallery, New York, NY, 2008 New Paintings, Nahcotta
New Paintings, Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 2003
Catherine Dunn, Allen Sheppard Gallery, New York, NY, 2001

selected group shows

Anonymous, WPAC, Corcoran, Washington DC, 2004


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