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international painting annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Dorothea Van Camp
Boston, Massachusetts

pages 163-164




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The printed mark has always been an important presence in my work. In recent years I have been using vector-based computer drawings to suggest, among other things, the intersection of body with technology. I find the intricate line work of these drawings helps to reconcile an attraction to the etched or engraved line of printmaking, old master drawings, and moody chiaroscuro with our own era.

Searching for a suitable way to transfer the computer drawings into my work led from laser-cut stencils and lithographic transfer to screen-printing. Ultimately, I adapted the process to my own purpose by using thickened oil paint printed into a wax ground. The works have a tangible relief texture that makes a clear separation from digital output and is suggestive of a deeply etched intaglio print.

Current imagery has run through multiple generations, each with different associations both personal and varied. Leonardo's Lap references a reproduction of a fabric study by Leonardo da Vinci that has hung on my studio wall for years. The series brings elements together from prior generations of work, paring them down to essential movements across and into the surface.

For me, the act of pushing organic, sensual marking against the hard edges of a computer drawing echoes our ever-increasing mingling of flesh with technology. If rhythm is connected to body and breath, then the temporality of computer media does not have a rhythm. At best its rhythm is the perfectly regular beat of some internal timer. Only the imaginative effort of humans to compare numeric infinity with our own finiteness intervenes to instill "breath" into software.

In "Point and Line to Plane," Wassily Kandinsky suggested that the line itself is invisible; it is "the trail left by the point in motion ∑ it comes about through movement ˆ by destroying the ultimately self-contained repose of the point."
- A fine definition of vector drawing.


born: 1961, United States


Rhode Island School of Design, BFA, 1984
University of Cincinnati

selected awards/honors

Glovebox Film Festival, Somerville Theater, 2011, Work selected for cover of anniversary issue of award winning online journal. December 2008

selected publications

NK Gallery, Place Exhibition, Boston, MA: catalog, p. 42-54, 2011
ARTSCOPE, James Foritano, November/December 2008
81st Annual International Competition: Printmaking, The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA: p.17, 2007
Fitchburg Art Museum Biennial Catalog, Fitchburg, MA: p. 17, 2004

selected solo or two-person exhibits

NEW WORKS: Dorothea Van Camp, NK Gallery, Boston MA, 2013
NEW WORKS: DOROTHEA VAN CAMP & JEFFREY HEYNE, Yarmouth New Church Preservation Foundation, Yarmouth Port, MA 2011
ALONE TOGETHER, 13 Forest Gallery, Arlington, MA, 2010
SYMBION PROJECT, Stoltze Design, Boston, MA, 2009

selected group shows

SUMMER JURIED SHOW, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura CA, 2011
PLACE, NK Gallery, Boston, MA, 2011
THE DRAWING PROJECT, 10TH Year Anniversary, Carroll & Sons, Boston, MA, 2009
ENTANGLED, Trustman Art Gallery, Boston,MA, 2008



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