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international painting annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Kenneth Hall
Cedar Falls, Iowa

University of Northern Iowa, Assistant Professor


page 91-93

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My recent paintings invoke the dramatic intensity and pulsing rhythms of 1980's music videos that I used to watch as a teen. I place recognizable figures (or fragments) from Rococo and Baroque master paintings in tumultuous environments, suggesting both raw sensuality and tragedy.   Tiepolo, Rembrandt, and Correggio give me beautiful bodies that are being caught up either literally "into the sky" or figuratively "into rapture" as they swoon under the force of seduction.  I use these figures as surrogate forms, though remnants of passion in fractured spaces.   They are subsumed by atmospheric gradations of paint and pierced by gestural marks that move through like waves of radiation.   They are tragic, being displaced from their own time period.

The choice of art historical figures brings a rich legacy of meaning; they traditionally symbolize human virtues or the struggle of man to find spiritual significance.  They were voluptuous, sensual, and seductive to the viewer (and artist) in their time.  Now they stand as ruins, weighted with a bit of nostalgia, but also free to carry new meanings.


born: 1967, Newport, Rhode Island


Miami University, MFA, 2007
Columbus College of Art and Design, BFA, 2004

selected awards/honors

Merit and Purchase Award, Americas 2011, Minot State University, 2011
Summer Fellowship, University of Northern Iowa, 2010

selected publications

Amarillo Globe-News, "1980's Inspire Painter", Amarillo, TX, March 3, 2013
Manifest Creative Research Gallery, "INPA 2", Cincinnati, OH, 2012
27th Tallahassee International, exhibition catalog, Tallahassee, FL, 2012
Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 12 (Open Studios Press), Boston, MA, 2010

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Process Art House: Coming Undone, Amarillo, TX, 2013
Grand View University: Black Holes and Revelations, Des Moines, IA, 2012
Parkland College: Fragments; Recent Paintings by Kenneth Hall, Champaign, IL, 2012
Wartburg College: Fallout (2-Person, with Erica Voss), Waverly, IA, 2011

selected group shows

Florida State University Museum of Art: 27th Tallahassee International, Tallahassee, FL, 2012
Manifest Creative Research Gallery: INPA 2, Cincinnati, OH, 2012
Minot State University: Americas 2011, Minot, ND, 2011
Arkansas State University: Paint Snob Invitational, Jonesboro, AR, 2011



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