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international painting annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Brett Eberhardt
Macomb, Illinois

Western Illinois University, Associate Professor


pages 36-39

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After a session of painting I often have some left over medium that I pour into a jar.  The presence and interest of these jars in the studio resulted in the two paintings in this years INPA.  The result of use and wear can be unpredictable, even mysterious, making what was once a recycled empty jar an abundantly rich subject. This change that occurs over time and activity have a lot in common with the sequence of events that take place when building a painting. My painting process starts as a very controlled deliberate act, but over time becomes an embrace of all that painting has to offer, including those unexpected occurrences that can be so crucial to the life of a painting. Although I am after a convincing rendering of the subject, I am not interested in creating a slick artificial surface or a hyper realistic image. I want the construction of the image with paint to be at the forefront and serve as a compelling record of my activity and process, a combination of intention, accident, deconstruction and reconstruction. It is important that these images are constructed with this material, not simply to elevate the subject, but for the discovery and possibilities of the medium used to construct the image.  


born: 1974, Lewiston, Idaho


Syracuse University, MFA 2005
Northern Michigan University, BFA 2002

selected awards/honors

The Manifest Prize, Manifest Creative Research and Drawing Center, 2011
AGallery International Art Competition Winner in the Category of Painting, AGallery, 2011
2008 Summer Stipend Grant, The Western Illinois University Foundation and the Office of Special Projects, 2008

selected publications

1st International Painting Annual, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, page, 82, 2011
5th International Drawing Annual, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, pages, 74,75, 2010.

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Plain Sight: Paintings by Brett Eberhardt, Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2012
One ˆ (The Second Annual Manifest Prize), Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, 2011
Brett Eberhardt:  Bulgarian  Influences, University Art Gallery, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, 2008

selected group shows

The Big Show 7, Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY, 2012



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