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  Calls for Entry

All Manifest calls-for-entry are open to all artists, from students to professionals, unless otherwise noted.

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Read about the Manifest jury and curatorial process

Manifest's exhibit development process is two-part and very intense. The curator develops the exhibit theme which must be approved by the Manifest Board of Directors. Submissions are assembled by staff, and presented to a blind jury of six to twelve qualified advisors with an art/design background. The juries are a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds, including active professionals, professors, museum curators, and at least one student. The jury is directed to score based purely on their objective assessment of the quality of the work submitted, without regard to the exhibit space, theme, personal preferences, or logistical considerations. They are provided only the basic information for each work of art, including special notes if necessary to understand the submission. Other than the staff presentation the jury process is silent, with no debate.

The jury submits its scores back to staff who tally the results, and then provide the jury-approved works to the curator. Only the works scoring 50% or better are considered jury approved and given to the curator for consideration.

Usually there are far too many jury approved works to include in the exhibit. Therefore the curator is directed to assemble work from the approved pool. In this way, having undergone the filter of our jury, the exhibit returns to the person who proposed the concept, and develops thematic and spatial unity. The curatorial stage allows for subjective interpretation and judgment in order to fulfill the initial concept.

Emphasizing a two-part objective/subjective process and going to the extra effort to arrange for a variety of inputs into the process has contributed to Manifest's ongoing success at developing consistently strong exhibits with international participation and recognition.

New Solo Exhibit Proposal Process Now Available (see below)

Closed Calls for Entry   (2010-2011 Season)

exhibit-in-print publication offering $1000 in prizes
Notifications due to be sent in mid-August.

An International Call For Entries For Works of PAINTING and/or Writing About Painting.
The book will be produced in exquisitely designed hard and softcover editions.

Jury Process Underway

  Current and Upcoming Calls for Entry   (2011-2012 Season)

Deadline To Submit: August 17, 2011

An Exhibit Featuring Works of Abstraction
(Launching Manifest's 8th Season!)

Entry Info

Deadline To Submit: September 28, 2011

An international call for works made based on direct observation.

Entry Info Coming Soon


Deadline To Submit: October 26, 2011

An annual exhibit of works by professors and their students.

Entry Info Coming Soon

O N E.2 - (The Manifest Prize)
Cash Prize
Deadline To Submit:
October 26, 2011

An international competitive exhibit featuring one prize-winning jury selected work.

Entry Info Coming Soon

OUT OF THE GRAY (graphite)
Deadline To Submit: December 14, 2011

An international call for works of drawing in graphite.

Entry Info Coming Soon

International Drawing Annual 7
exhibit-in-print publication offering $1000 in prizes
(see past volumes)
Deadline for submissions - December 31, 2011

An International call for entries for works of drawing and writing about drawing.
A small 'selections from' exhibit will also be presented in Manifest's Parallel Space in April of 2012.

Entry Info Coming Soon

Deadline To Submit: January 25, 2012

An international call for works involving or incorporating text or letter forms as a primary element.

Entry Info Coming Soon

Deadline To Submit: March 7, 2012

An international call for works exploring the theme of plant life.

Entry Info Coming Soon

Including $300 Best of Show cash prize
Deadline to Submit: April 18, 2012

A Call for Entries of Works by Undergraduates Attaining their Degree in 2010, 2011, or 2012

Entry Info Coming Soon

MAGNITUDE 7.8 (small works)
Deadline To Submit: April 18, 2012

An International Exhibit of Small Works No Larger Than 7" In Any Dimension

Entry Info Coming Soon

Deadline To Submit: May 30, 2012

An Annual International Exhibit of Works of Art or Design by
Current or Recent MFA/MA Graduate Students

Entry Info Coming Soon

exhibit-in-print publication offering $1000 in prizes
Deadline To Submit: June 30, 2012

An International Call For Entries For Works of PAINTING and/or Writing About Painting.
The book will be produced in exquisitely designed hard and softcover editions.

Entry Info Coming Soon

N U D E  4
Deadline To Submit: July 5, 2012

An Annual International Exhibit Exploring the Uncovered Human Form in Current Art

Entry Info Coming Soon

  Proposals for Exhibits

All proposals not related to specific calls for entry:

Manifest's Exhibition Committee is eager to receive proposals for solo, group, and concept-based exhibits. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis, with a deadline of June 1st for proposals to be considered for the upcoming exhibit season. The exhibit season (Sept.- Aug.) is planned by June/July of each year, and notifications are made by the end of July once all planning is complete. A $30 submission fee is required.

Deadline To Submit: June 1, 2012
(for consideration in the 2012/2013 season)

Submission Info


  Gallery Internships

Manifest is now seeking interns for the 2011/2012 season and beyond.

Ideal applicants will be quality-minded, responsible, and outgoing individuals. Students in any field of study are qualified, however successful applicants should have a reasonable interest in the art and design fields, art history, business, statistics, philosophy, sociology, etc. Internships at Manifest provide extremely valuable hands-on experience with the operations of a small non-profit organization functioning at a level equivalent to most commercial galleries, and many museums. Our interns often use their tenure at Manifest as a springboard to graduate school or full-time employment at museums and organizations around the country.

Manifest will work with college programs to coordinate the awarding of college credit.

  Paid Positions

Manifest is not currently hiring.


No positions are open at this time.

Internships are ongoing. Learn about how to become an intern at Manifest here.



Manifest's 14th season is funded in part by an impact grant
from ArtsWave, the Ohio Arts Council, and the generous contributions
of individual supporters who care deeply about the visual arts.

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