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Jason Franz
Executive Director (volunteer), Chief Curator
Visual Artist and Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

As the chief operating officer of Manifest, Jason is involved in every aspect of the organization and oversees all programs. On the ground he coordinates the project submission process, jury process, and programming for exhibits and books as well as serving as the organization's primary grant writer. He is the first point of contact for most communications regarding projects and Manifest's programming and philosophy. He also designs Manifest's publications, exhibit layouts, and PR material, and maintains this website and the organization's Facebook presence, among many other sundry taks.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jason Franz attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati in Eden Park and Mt. Adams, receiving his BFA degree with honors in 1988. During the first ten years of his career as an exhibiting artist Franz also worked as an exhibition designer and preparator at the Cincinnati Art Museum. He returned to academic life in 1996 to pursue an MFA degree at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, receiving his MFA in 1998. Franz left his museum position at this time and began his teaching career. From 1997 through 2002 he taught and developed new courses for both the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and the University of Cincinnati in the fields of both art and design. In 2002 Franz received a full-time appointment to head the painting and drawing programs at Xavier University in Cincinnati. He spent two years rebuilding these programs at Xavier, solidifying his teaching philosophy, and laying the ground-work for Manifest. While at Xavier, he also served as the faculty advisor for the founding of the Society of Visual Arts (a student government organization), assisted with the planning for a new departmental photography program, and championed the integration of technology into all the classroom studios. In June of 2005 he resigned his title of Assistant Professor in order to continue on a second year of paid academic leave at the University while focusing his energy towards Manifest. He has been Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching drawing in the School of Design at the University of Cincinnati since 2006. From 2008 through 2011 he also served as Content Coordinator for the Foundation Design Drawing program. As an artist and professor he is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including an Ohio Arts Council Fellowship, a Xavier University Faculty Development Grant, and three Summerfair Individual Artist Grants. In 2009 he was recognized with a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Jason merges a passionate, motivated sense for quality developed in his ten years experience at the Cincinnati Art Museum and in his own studio work, with his dedicated and intuitive techniques of fine art and design education developed at the Art Academy, UC, and Xavier. His philosophical approach to the pedagogy of creativity, community, and art exhibition helps fuel the mission of Manifest.

Teaching Philosophy



Tim Parsley
Associate Curator
Visual Artist and MFA graduate student in painting, Miami University

As Manifest's first ever paid staffer, Tim served as Jason's backup from 2007 through late 2012. Through his first four years as assistant director he helped steer Manifest's steady growth, and oversaw the process of expanding the exhibition space by 40% with the addition of the Parallel Space in 2009. Tim also launched Manifest's Drawing Center's instructed course program, and managed that facility's move to its current location in Madisonville in early 2011. In late 2011 he shifted his focus at Manifest towards its growing Drawing Center program, becoming its official director. In 2012, with increased time demand for his own studio work towards his MFA Tim moved into the more highly focused position of Associate Curator. He occasionally curates exhibits, helps vet submissions, and weighs in on seasonal planning. He also serves as an excellent spokesman for Manifest, being extremely well-versed in the founding principles of the organization and our curatorial philosophy. With his new role Tim launched Manifest's first free public gallery talk series in October 2012.

In addition to a split major BFA in 2D/3D from the University of Cincinnati Parsley holds an MA in Practical Ministries (1999) and a BS in Biblical Studies (1995). With this early career he developed extensive experience with leadership, budget management, program development, volunteer management, fundraising and more. Parsley has also served as a project manager and lead artist for several ArtWorks mural projects, and as crew member for the Contemporary Arts Center. He is a 2007 Summa Cum Laude BFA graduate from UC and was the top College of DAAP graduate, also receiving the Wolfstein traveling award in 2006, and School of Art Outstanding Senior Award in 2007. In 2011 Tim returned to academia to pursue yet another degree, his MFA, at Miami University in Oxford.


Katie Schoeny
Office Manager


We welcomed Katie to our team in mid-March 2012. As office manager Katie handles much of the internal on-site business of the organization. This includes communications with donors, members, board members, staff, and grantors, as well as the general office accounting associated with a non-profit business. She also heads up the publication distribution for Manifest Press, and plays a key role in the coordination and production of Manifest's books.

Katie Schoeny received her BFA in painting from Miami University Oxford (1992) and her MA in Art Education from Columbia University (1998). She brings to Manifest her deep roots in the visual arts and philosophy of art education combined with her more recent experience in the world of wholesale and retail business operations.




Katie Baker
Exhibition and Drawing Center Coordinator
Visual Artist

Katie joined Manifest in September 2012 after completing her MFA at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Originally from Villa Hills, Kentucky, she received her BFA in painting and drawing, and a BA in English composition from Northern Kentucky University. She brings three years of university teaching experience (life drawing, basic drawing, digital photography, and design), grant writing experience, and gallery experience to her dual role at Manifest.

Katie is responsible for overseeing the nuts and bolts of exhibition installation, artwork coming/going, intern training, and overall presentation of the galleries. She is also responsible for coordinating Drawing Center programming.





Qualified professionals volunteering to support Manifest programs for one-year
  periods in the areas of education, design, grantwriting, and with other key organizational needs.

Christy Carr (04-05)
Designer and Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Art Academy of Cincinnati

Robert Spahr (04-05)
Visual Artist and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Dowling College
and Adjunct Professor of New Media at SUNY, Purchase College, New York

Kristin Cullen (05-07, 09-10)
Designer and Associate Professor of Graphic Design, University of Cincinnati

Kevin Muente (05-10)
Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing, Northern Kentucky University

Matthew Litteken (07-08)
Professor of Drawing and Painting, Professional Artist

Robert Anderson (07-09)
Adjunct Professor of Drawing and Painting, Professional Artist

Matt Wizinsky (08)
Graphic Designer

Kim Shifflett (08)
Professional Artist

Trevor Ponder (04-11)
Professional Arti
st, Current Graduate Student of Architecture, University of Cincinnati (2011)

Scott Ramming (11-present)
Professional Artist

Daniel O'Connor (11-13)
Adjunct Professor of Drawing and Painting, Professional Artist





Chloe Bell

Tyler Griese

Kelia Hamilton

Chrissy Rother (gallery assistant and board member)

Danielle Tellez

Kelly Voss

Erica Wine




Manifest's 14th season is funded in part by an impact grant
from ArtsWave, the Ohio Arts Council, and the generous contributions
of individual supporters who care deeply about the visual arts.

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