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The Positions of
Gallery Intern and Academic Gallery Intern*

Purpose: Manifest recognizes that there exists a vast untapped pool of talent and intellect within the students of art and design (and other related disciplines) in the Cincinnati area and beyond. Part of Manifest’s mission is to provide a motivating learning context, supplementary to their own excellent programs of study, for individuals interested in the professions of art and design. It also includes the goal of serving as a hub of creative research and innovation, as well as a venue for community involvement with the arts. Therefore the positions of Gallery Intern and Academic Gallery Intern have been established as key components of Manifest’s structure to provide students of art and design, as well as others, the opportunity to receive college credit (through their respective institutions) for volunteering work at Manifest. This also provides creative input for Manifest from yet another part of the artistic spectrum. Those not able to, or not wishing to, receive college credit will, nevertheless, receive an official letter of acknowledgement from Manifest’s administration upon satisfactory completion of the internship.

Application for Service:
Persons wishing to apply for internship will be asked to submit a resume, two letters of recommendation, and a letter of application explaining why he/she would like to work with Manifest. Applicants should first familiarize themselves with the Manifest mission. Application requirements may be modified at the discretion of the management. Prospective Interns will be interviewed and the executive director and/or gallery manager will select finalists. Gallery Internships commence on a date to be determined by the staff manager. Academic Gallery Internships will consist of a schedule coordinated with the institution offering the college credit. Each internship will be defined by a simple contract outlining the specific nature of the service and duration.

Duration of Service: All Intern/volunteer positions will consist of a minimum of 120 supervised hours of volunteered time. Academic Internships may require more or less service hours depending upon the credit granting institution’s policy for such study. The staff manager will maintain a record of hours and service completed.

Nature of Service: All internships will consist of two primary service functions. The first is common to all Interns and consists of the following:

• Gallery sitting or “greeting” – Interns will be the primary liaisons with the visiting public. This involves opening and closing the gallery, admitting visitors, answering questions, and offering a professional, and friendly experience. It also involves conducting sales of artwork and Manifest Press items such as exhibit catalogs and books.

• Serve as hosts for receptions and other events, including fundraising.

• Clerical work – Addressing and stamping mailings, filing, database entry, etc.

• Maintenance of all facilities – Cleaning, upkeep, organization of tools and materials.

• Assistance with installation, de-installation, and gallery repairs.

• Promoting Manifest – Public and academic promotion of the institution and its mission, exhibits, calendar of events, flyers, etc.

• Creative input – when requested - Offering insight, advice, and assistance with curatorial matters, including signage, scheduling, etc.

• Maintaining high academic and professional standards of quality.

• Renovation of spaces used by Manifest.

• Coordinating and/or overseeing the Open Figure Sessions, Open Critique Sessions, Drawing Lab, or any other Manifest Drawing Center activity.

His or her area of study, expertise, and interests determine the second role of each Intern. Interns will be chosen, in part, to fulfill perceived needs on the part of the staff or board of directors, to acquire diversity of intellect, skill, and background. Specialized services could include:

• Curatorial – A focus on assisting with curatorial matters, exhibition programming, etc.

• Educational/didactic – A focus on community and educational outreach, lectures, etc.

• Corporate identity (website, logo, signage, etc.) – Assisting with publication, poster, announcement design, including photo-documentation of Manifest exhibits and activities.

• Fundraising – Assisting with grant writing, research, etc.

• Promotion – Serving as media and institutional liaison.

• Exhibition Design – Assisting with layout and installation of exhibitions.

• Community service on behalf of Manifest.

Prior to receiving an appointment, each prospective Intern will be provided this document, and asked to review the mission and expanded mission statements, as well as a list of needs the staff manager feels he or she might fulfill. An intern handbook will be provided to all new interns upon starting work at Manifest.

Upon completion of a gallery internship, the administration may offer to promote the intern to a higher level of responsibility within the organization’s internship structure. The levels of advancement include Senior Gallery Intern, and Gallery Assistant (with possible junior board membership). These advanced positions involve more responsibility and input into the operation of the organization, including participation on jury and exhibit committees.

While it is expected that an internship at Manifest be viewed as community service, the organization does offer each intern the benefit of free attendance at all regular Open Figure life drawing sessions at the Manifest Drawing Center. At the level of Senior Intern added benefits are free attendance to Drawing Marathons and half-price regular instructed courses (not including major workshops) throughout the duration of the internship.

Applications for internship should be submitted via email and email attachments to:

Katie Baker
Exhibition and Drawing Center Coordinator

Questions should also be e-mailed to Katie Baker.

Reference letters and other support materials should be emailed as well, and should be received not later than ten days following the initial application.

* The distinction between a Gallery Intern and an Academic Gallery Intern is made for the purpose of differentiating between those receiving college credit (and perhaps fulfilling specific requirements outlined by their institution of study) and those not receiving college credit.


Manifest's 14th season is funded in part by an impact grant
from ArtsWave, the Ohio Arts Council, and the generous contributions
of individual supporters who care deeply about the visual arts.

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